We’ll take it Neat—A Mixologist and a Cooking Luminary Walked into a Bar — 4.14.18

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A dive into the world behind the bar, of flavor, technique, and history with mixologist and author Micah LeMon; and the inimitable living legend, Leni Sorensen, on her passion for making, growing, and living a life all about good food. 


Micah LeMon is the mixologist at The Alley Light and author of “The Imbible: A Cocktail Guide for Beginning & Home Bartenders.” He studied chemistry, biology, and religion before deciding to work with spirits of a boozier nature. We took a deep dive into the world behind the bar, of flavor, and technique. We chatted about his most off-beat concoctions, got into “the weeds” on the classics–what’s shaken and what’s stirred, and what makes a great cocktail. We also learned about “flips” and “fat washes,” and so much more.

The inimitable Leni Sorensen is a bit of a living legend around this area of Virginia. She is a culinary and cultural historian, a teacher and long-time mentor to many. She has deep roots in farming, gardening, food justice, and rural life skills. Sorensen runs Indigo House which offers classes and meals, and she is author of “Through the Seasons: A Garden of Recipes from The Virginia House-Wife.” The book explores the cooking of Mary Randolph, who owed much to the African Americans working in her kitchens.

l to r: Micah LeMon, Leni Sorensen


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