Weaponizing Prejudice; Cutting through Racial Divides — 5.12.18


We spoke with Steven Thomas, restorative justice and community organizer, working to build relationships across racial and cultural divides in Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, and beyond; and Corban Addison best-selling author & humanitarian, who traveled from Greece to Berlin, along the route of refugees, to research his latest book.


Steven Thomas is restorative justice and community organizer who volunteered his time as a facilitator in a series of dialogues on race after the events in Charlottesville in Aug of 2017. He continues the work as an anti-racist. Thomas has spoken at universities and symposiums throughout Virginia as a guest lecturer on the rich African-American history and heritage in the Shenandoah Valley. His activism work on behalf of social and racial justice and equity has been covered by national and international media outlets, including The New York Times and The Globe and Mail. He is a founder of the Harrisonburg Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and part of Initiatives of Change USA.

Corban Addison is a lawyer and best-selling author of novels based on justice and human rights issues. His writing has been called exquisite, stunning, riveting, powerful… John Grisham hadn’t endorsed any book until Corban’s first, “A Walk Across the Sun.” He incorporates love & romance, brings his legal expertise, and his research from dark and dangerous places across the world in order to create poignant stories illuminating some of the most challenging issues our world faces such as sex trafficking, the abuses of the global fashion industry, piracy, and gender-based violence.

Best selling author John Hart wrote: “If you like stories of good people struggling to do right in the world’s forgotten places, there is no one better suited to take you on the ride of your life.” To research his most recent book, “After the Last Sky” Corban travelled the route of refugees, from Greece to Berlin and brought back stories of his first-hand encounters with refugees, aid workers, and volunteers.

(Pictured above l to r: Steven Thomas, Corban Addison)


Steven Thomas
Initiatives of Change
Northeast Neighborhood Association
Dallard Newman House
Corban Addison

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