We Need Your Help!

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Since we signed on in October of 2015, we’ve been able to offer you the best in nation progressive talk shows like Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, and The Devil’s Advocates. These programs are delivered to radio stations via satellite, and the particular satellite they are on is being de-commissioned. The original July 1st date for the required change has been moved to August 1st, but the problem remains: we need to purchase about $4000 in new equipment to continue to receive and re-transmit programs like The Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann shows. No one here at 94.7 receives a salary; our dedicated announcers and other staff are volunteers; and, unlike at other non-commercial radio stations in the area, the government isn’t going to buy the equipment for us. While we are getting close, we still need YOU to donate now. Every dollar being donated right now is going DIRECTLY to getting the new satellite equipment in place before the deadline. Please use the PayPal link below to donate and help keep the programs you enjoy at The Progressive Voice of Charlottesville on the air.