Sept. 30 — Sally Hemings, Real ARTIFacts; and Thriving in this Environment

Ellen DanielsAOS

Fraser Neiman, Ph.D., Director of Archaeology
at Jefferson’s Monticello. We discuss the Digital Archaeological Archive (DAACS) that Neiman was instrumental in creating, looking at slaves’ lives here in Virginia and across the Atlantic. DAACS also tries to understand Jefferson’s Monticello plantation, in its larger historical context. We also discuss The Mountaintop Project a huge excavation at Monticello,  and its role in the discovery of Sally Hemings’ living quarters unearthed just this year. We’ll talk about that, and why it’s so important.

Karen McGlathery, Ph.D., Director of the Environmental Resilience Institute, at the University of Virginia. She’s a professor and Environmental scientist tackling some of our planet’s biggest problems. As we’ve seen so many people living near water are increasingly vulnerable to violent storms. We’ll discuss her work and what is being done to help us thrive despite the apparent crisis.

l to r: Fraser Neiman, Karen McGlathery


Fraser Neiman, Ph.D. (Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery)
Karen McGlathery to Lead  UVA’s Environmental Sustainability Efforts