Restoring Dignity & Justice at the Border and within the US—1.26.19


Tracy Howe and Angela Ciolfi

Tracy Howe, musician, activist, and founder of Restoration Village Arts. We discuss her new album, longtime work at the border, including her recent trip to Tijuana and one upcoming to Honduras; and we talk with Angela Ciolfi Executive Director of the Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC) in Charlottesville, about many cases and issues they tackle from reducing racial inequities around school discipline; to fighting to release children being held by the gov't and advocating to reunite them with their families, and much more.

We speak with Tracy Howe, a musician, theologian, and pastor and founder of Restoration Village Arts, a retreat, learning and action community for artists and ministers, who work to achieve racial justice, eco-justice, queer justice, and borderlands justice. Tracy uses her music to communicate struggle and hope, beauty, and brokenness. Tracy is the Minister for Community and Congregational Engagement for Justice and Witness Ministries in the National Setting of the United Church of Christ. Tracy has a new album, “Things That Grow” coming out March 1,2019, she has been working along the US/Mexico Border as an artist and activist for almost 20 years, we’ll discuss her music, and her recent visit to Tijuana delivering aid at the border, and her upcoming trip to Honduras.


We talk with Angela Ciolfi Executive Director of the Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC) in Charlottesville. She spent 7 years as Legal Director at JustChildren. She has been a prolific and fierce advocate for justice often leading many of their signature campaigns and cases. She has also litigated significant cases in the Virginia Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. She has received many awards for her work advocating for children’s rights issues throughout the Commonwealth. LAJC uses a mix of zealous individual representation, group and class litigation, community organizing, policy advocacy, to battle poverty and injustice by solving critical legal problems for individuals and communities.

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