Home Grown: Elephants and Quilts: Jane Fellows and Priyanka Shetty

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Today on Home Grown, David and Leslie welcome two guests to the show for the first time. First we’re pleased to talk to Jane Fellows from the Fiber and Stitch Art Collective— an organization of Central Virginia artists who support and discuss the development of quilting as an art form.

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Restoring Dignity & Justice at the Border and within the US—1.26.19

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Tracy Howe and Angela Ciolfi

Tracy Howe, musician, activist, and founder of Restoration Village Arts. We discuss her new album, longtime work at the border, including her recent trip to Tijuana and one upcoming to Honduras; and we talk with Angela Ciolfi Executive Director of the Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC) in Charlottesville, about many cases and issues they tackle from reducing racial inequities around school discipline; to fighting to release children being held by the gov't and advocating to reunite them with their families, and much more.… Read More

Home Grown: Night Dogs and Bright Lights: JMRL-Live Arts and Angel Metro

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Today on Home Grown, we’re back after the snow turned one week off into two! That’s okay. David and Leslie are primed and ready to welcome two new guests to the show.

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Monastic and Kitchen Life: A Nun & a Sous Chef—1.19.19

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Leslie Hubbard and Gregory Lewis

Guests: Leslie Hubbard speaks about her fascinating life as a former Buddhist nun who in her twenties, in pursuit of spiritual development, chose to lead a monastic life with renowned Zen master, Thich Naht Hanh, in a hamlet in the French countryside; and we speak with Gregory Lewis, sous chef of the well-loved Maya Restaurant, a popular staple in the Charlottesville restaurant landscape.… Read More

The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom & Community: Shifting Mind & Heart—1.12.19

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Tish Jennings and Frank Dukes

Guests: Tish Jennings, internationally recognized leader in the fields of social and emotional learning and mindfulness in education. We discussed her new book, “The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom.” Frank Dukes, mediator helping people and organizations address complex public conflicts in ways that strengthen communities.… Read More

Learning from Dictatorships; Peopling the Place: Truth-telling at a Plantation—12.15.18

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Kyrill Kunakhovich & Kelly Deetz

An amazing show with two passionate historians. We spoke to Kyrill Kunakhovich about dictators, fascists, & nationalists—what we need to know in this political moment; and to Kelley Fanto Deetz about how she's transforming the narrative at her new gig, Robert E.… Read More