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A special thanks to Bob McAdams, Jeff Lenert and Dan Gould for their time and dedication to bringing you WPVC’s election special podcasts. Also, thank you to all of the candidates who came out to speak their mind on all topics facing the Charlottesville community.… Read More

Robert Tracci’s Handling of Jason Kessler Indictment, A Victim’s Perspective

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In March of 2017 evidence sufficient to indict Jason Kessler was delivered to Robert Tracci and the
Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. Mr. Tracci’s office did not see fit to indict Mr.… Read More

AOS: Biography by Design + Welcoming Greater Charlottesville 9.14.19

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Russ Linden and Kate Buford 

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We welcomed back Kate Buford, award-winning author of Burt Lancaster's life story, a New York Times best-seller.… Read More

Heartbreak, Beauty, and Changing the Narrative — 6.15.19

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Daniel Fairley, II and Jane Alison   

Jane Alison is Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Virginia.… Read More

Virginia State Senate Candidate Forum

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Hosts Jeff Lenert and Bob McAdams talk with Democratic candidate Ben Hixon about his run for Virginia State Senate.

Hosts Jeff Lenert and Bob McAdams talk with Democratic candidate Amy Laufer about her run for Virginia State Senate.

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Cinema and Verité: Elliott and Montes-Bradley—5.11.19

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Eduardo Montes-Bradley and Susan Elliott  

We welcomed Susan Elliott Charlottesville’s Climate Protection Program Manager for the Division of Environmental Sustainability. She focuses on community initiatives working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.… Read More