Our Democracy on a Precipice; Puerto Rican Resilience – 3.17.18


We explored this unique political moment with History professor William Hitchcock, and we spoke to Elizabeth Conde Alvarez about her heroic efforts to help the residents of Puerto Rico in the wake of hurricane Maria.


William Hitchcock is a professor of history in the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia. He’s an authority on international, diplomatic and military history of the 20th Century, specifically the world wars and the cold war.

He has published widely, written many books, essays, and articles, garnering several awards– including his book, The History of the Liberation of Europe becoming a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2009.

We discussed Fascism, Donald Trump, and race. We explored the question: What is driving the politics of our time if a person like Trump appears to be the answer to our problems? And is Donald Trump a fascist?

Elizabeth Conde Alvarez is a critical care nurse practitioner at the University of Virginia School of Medicine also specializing in adult-gerontology acute care.

She’s not only taking care of people here in Charlottesville but she has been focused on the enormous and daunting task of bringing aid to the people affected by hurricane Maria since it hit last September.

We discussed her trips there, what’s really going on in Puerto Rico, and what we can do to help.



William Hitchcock

Puerto Rico Relief Go Fund Me Page 

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