Oct. 14 — A Look at Campus Gender-Based Violence, Youth Extremism; Calculated Voter Suppression

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Nancy Deutsch, Ph.D., Professor at the Curry School of Education and Director of Youth-Nex,
The University of Virginia Center to Promote Effective Youth Development. We discussed campus gender-based violence, Title IX and the current administration’s roll-back of Obama’s guidance to address campus sexual violence; the role of afterschool programs in helping youth engage productively in their lives and in society; and more as noted below.

Deutsch was part of a team the helped develop the Campus Gender-Based Violence Institute —  the first national training institute for colleges and universities focusing on helping institutions prevent and respond to gender-based violence and sexual assault.

She is also part of a consortium of 27 colleges and universities (organized by the Association of American Universities (AAU)) which developed and implemented the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct. To really look at what is actually going on here at UVA, and other schools, regarding nonconsensual sexual contact, harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence.

Michael Gilbert, Sullivan and Cromwell Professor of Law, at the University of Virginia. He teaches courses on legislation, election law, direct democracy, and judicial decision-making. His recent research examines judicial independence, campaign finance disclosure, and the interpretation of ballot initiatives. We took an in-depth look at the current regime’s efforts around voter suppression.

l to r: Nancy Deutsch, Michael Gilbert


Nancy L. Deutsch

Deutsch’s recent commentary — “Deutsch and Williams Column: If Hate Groups Can Do It, We Can Too,” Richmond Times-Dispatch
Prof. Nancy Deutsch and Prof. Joanna Williams write about youth extremism and what we can do about it.

Youth-Nex Conference — “Youth Act: Social Justice, Civic and Political Engagement

Michael D. Gilbert