Nov 18 – Precedential Foreign Policy is Foreign to Trump; Learning from Dictatorships

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Melvyn Leffler, is Edward Stettinius Professor of History at the University of Virginia and the Compton Visiting Professor at UVA’s Miller Center. He served in the office of the secretary of defense during the Carter Administration, where he worked on arms control and contingency planning. He is the author of many books on the cold war, political economy, and national security, for which he has won numerous awards. He is the author of several books for which he has won many honors. His new book, Safeguarding Democratic Capitalism is an account of the development of U.S. national security policy including how to safeguard American security and economic interests in the increasingly challenging world.

Kyrill Kunakhovich is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Virginia. His expertise is modern Europe with a focus on central and eastern Europe in the twentieth century. His latest book is entitled, “Culture for the People: Art and Politics in Communist Poland and East Germany,” which considers how arts and culture helped to make, and then unmake, the Soviet Bloc. We discussed, authoritarianism, the nationalist rally that occurred in Poland on November 11, 2017, how people who live under dictatorships perceive life and what can be learned, and much more.

l to r: Melvyn Leffler, Kyrill Kunakhovich


Melvyn Leffler
Safeguarding Democratic Capitalism, Princeton University Press 2017.
Kyrill Kunakhovich

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