Nov 11 – Charlottesville: Our Streets; Design for Social Equity

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Jackson Landers, is the co-creator of “Charlottesville: Our Streets,” a film about the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville on Aug 11 & 12. Jackson Landers is here, he is a science writer, who used to spend most of his time writing about things like coral reefs and harlequin frogs for Smithsonian Magazine, but at least since this summer, has trained his pen on and the alt right riots, rallies and hearings… and he’s made a film, “Charlottesville: Our Streets.” Co-creators, Brian Wimer, Natalie Anna Jacobsen.


Barbara Brown Wilson is Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning in the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia. Wilson’s research and teaching focus on the history, ethics, and practice of sustainable community design and development; and on the role of urban social movements in the built world. She’s involved in a myriad of change-maker organizations focused on community design and youth leadership. We’ll talk with Barbara Brown Wilson about Design as a tool for social equity.

l to r: Jackson Landers; Barbara Brown Wilson


Twitter: @JacksonJLanders
The Movie: “Charlottesville: Our Streets
Barbara Brown Wilson

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