Missing Molly: What happened to Molly Miller?

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Description: On December 29, 2017, 31-year-old Charlottesville resident Molly Miller was reported missing. Three days later, she was discovered dead in her own home. The death was ruled a suicide.

Names mentioned in the podcast:
Molly Miller - Reported missing and later found dead in her home.
Anson Parker - Molly’s live-in fiance who owned the home she lived in. He became engaged to her in 2011.
Edward Thomas - Professional artist who was the friend and lover of Molly’s from 2012 up until her death. Prime suspect when she was missing.
Marian McConnell - Molly’s mother.
Charlottesville Police Department - Police department in charge of the investigation into Molly’s disappearance.
Lori Goodbody - Molly’s maternal aunt.
Tina Hicks - Molly’s maternal aunt.