Heartbreak, Beauty, and Changing the Narrative — 6.15.19

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Daniel Fairley, II and Jane Alison   

Jane Alison is Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Virginia. She is a renowned author of many diverse and acclaimed works including a memoir, four novels, and a book on the craft of writing, Her fascinating, and haunting life story informed her memoir, "Sisters Antipodes." We spoke about that and her other acclaimed works.


Daniel Fairley, II is the city of Charlottesville's Youth Opportunity Coordinator focused on Black male achievement supporting the Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement. He interned in the White House under the Obama Administration garnering some stellar achievements. We discussed his work celebrating and creating opportunity for young black men and boys in Charlottesville and beyond.


Jane Alison

Daniel Fairley, II

Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement - @bmacville - twitter, instagram, facebook

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