Sept. 9 – History vs Memory: ALT White Charlottesville; and Eco Policy

Ellen DanielsAOS

We spoke with Jalane Schmidt, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia. She helped lead the effort to remove Charlottesville’s Confederate monuments and to organize residents against the ALT-right. You may have seen her on CNN or read her article, “Excuse Me, America, Your House is on Fire.”

She is the author of “Cachita’s Streets,” a book on religion, race, and the Cuban Revolution.


William Shobe, Professor of Public Policy at UVA and Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Studies. He designs and markets instruments for controlling pollution. We discussed climate change, renewable energy, eco policy, and more.


Excuse Me American, Your House is on Fire” –
Cachita’s Streets
Twitter: @Jalane_Schmidt
William Shobe