Hello Dalai; Women, Food, & Rebellion


“How do you choose what to wear when meeting the Dalai Lama?!” We’ve got mindfulness expert Tish Jennings who recently presented her research to the Dalai Lama and Francesca Calamita who studies women’s relationship with food in literature.


We spoke with Tish Jennings, an internationally recognized leader in social and emotional learning and mindfulness in education, specifically the effects of teacher stress on the classroom. She presented her research to the Dalai Lama in India last month so we’ll ask questions we can’t resist like: “How do you choose what to wear when meeting the Dalai Lama?!”


We chewed the fat with Francesca Calamita who studies how women’s relationship with food and body is portrayed in literature, pop culture, and other media in the US and Europe. She has looked at eating disorders, the gendered politics of language, what we can learn from various depictions of women including how they prepare meals for others, while denying themselves the pleasure of eating, and much more.

(Pictured above l to r: Francesca Calamita, Tish Jennings)


Tish Jennings
The Compassionate Schools Project
The Contemplative Sciences Center
Francesca Calamita
Starvation, Food Obsession and Identity: Eating Disorders in Contemporary Women’s Writing

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