Dishing up Oscars and Pies—2.23.19


Shilpa Davé and Cathy Barrow

We chat about the Oscar-nominated films with arguably the best person around for that conversation; and
we paired it with a nice big helping of pie, baking tips, and an unexpected path to culinary success.

We welcome back, the effervescent media studies scholar Shilpa Davé for our 2nd annual Oscar roundup. She's our pop-culture “go-to” whether chatting about Marvel comic heroines, Simpsons characters, or film.
We are thrilled to welcome award-winning author and recipe-developer Cathy Barrow. She’s written the ‘irresistible’ cookbook "Pie Squared" all about slab pies and has a new one out this fall, "When Pies Fly: Portable Pastries from Empanadas to Strudels, Hand Pies to Knishes."

Shilpa Davé
Cathy Barrow

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