Dec 9 – Our Brains on Friendship & Division; “TrumpTrump” the Illustrations

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Jim Coan, is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Virginia. Coan studies the brain & emotions. His work and findings embodies one fascinating topics after another: The brain on love & friendship, why we hold hands, How does the brain change when we get to know someone? What are humans designed for? His work has been covered in numerous publications, The New York Times, Science, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, NPR, and more.


Warren Craghead is an artist living in Charlottesville. His internationally-exhibited drawings and comics have appeared in numerous anthologies, websites and books. Craghead is a three-time Virginia Museum of Fine Arts fellow.

In the summer of 2016 Warren Craghead began drawing and posting daily grotesque portraits of Donald Trump, beginning when Trump won the Republican nomination for president. Craghead believed the project would be done that November, but when Trump won the election Craghead vowed to continue to draw Trump and his minions until, he said, “this nightmare is over.”

He spoke about his new book with these drawings,” Trump Trump: Nomination to Inauguration.” It is published by Retrofit Comics and Big Planet Comics.

l to r: Warren Craghead, Jim Coan


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