The Color of Oscar, Comics; Good Medicine — 3.3.18


We spoke with Shilpa Davé, Ph.D. on race and gender in popular culture and the media, and Dr. Michael D. Williams, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Health Policy.


Shilpa Davé, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Media Studies and American Studies at the University of Virginia and an Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Science. She researches and teaches about representations of race and gender in media and popular culture, Asian American and South Asian American Studies, and film, television, and literary studies. We covered race and gender in the 2018 Oscar nominations, superheroes in film and comics, Black Panther, and more.

Dr. Michael D. Williams is Director of the University of Virginia Center for Health Policy, A joint program of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, the School of Medicine, and the Department of Public Health Sciences. He is also Associate Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine. Williams also directs the Summer Medical Leadership Program for students of underrepresented groups and disadvantaged backgrounds. On the program, we spoke about health equity policy, Medicaid, the ACA, population health, and how these topics affect everyone.



Shilpa Davé
Dr. Michael D. Williams

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