Community Activism with Don Gathers and Delicious Mentorship àla Chef Brinson—4.20.2019

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Antwon Brinson and Don Gathers

Guests: The extraordinary Don Gathers, prominent Charlottesville community activist and Antwon Brinson, the impassioned chef and president of Culinary Concepts AB on his culinary boot camp.… Read More

Black Twitter, Memphis’ Iconic Photographer & the FBI —3.16.19

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Preston Lauterbach and Meredith Clark  

Meredith Clark
, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia. Her scholarship focuses on the intersections of race, media, and power.… Read More

The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom & Community: Shifting Mind & Heart—1.12.19

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Tish Jennings and Frank Dukes

Guests: Tish Jennings, internationally recognized leader in the fields of social and emotional learning and mindfulness in education. We discussed her new book, “The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom.” Frank Dukes, mediator helping people and organizations address complex public conflicts in ways that strengthen communities.… Read More

Learning from Dictatorships; Peopling the Place: Truth-telling at a Plantation—12.15.18

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Kyrill Kunakhovich & Kelly Deetz

An amazing show with two passionate historians. We spoke to Kyrill Kunakhovich about dictators, fascists, & nationalists—what we need to know in this political moment; and to Kelley Fanto Deetz about how she's transforming the narrative at her new gig, Robert E.… Read More