‘Whistle Words’ is Extraordinary; Plus ‘A Stand Up’ Gal — 1.27.18

Ellen DanielsAOS, Charlottesville, Talk, WPVC

Our guests were Charlotte Matthews and Betsy Cox — accomplished women, who ventured beyond the scope of their careers to create something extraordinary. Matthews is an author of exquisite poetry and Cox is an Emmy-winning filmmaker — together they’ve created a multimedia project, Whistle Words, using poetry, film, & the internet, to help women impacted by cancer.Read More

Empowering Refugee Entrepreneurs; An Affable Writer’s Tale — 12.23.17

adminAOS, Charlottesville, Talk, WPVC

Ellen Daniels and Nancy Laurence cap the end of 2017 with a live re-broadcast of their show with Christine Mahoney PhD, Prof. of Public Policy and Politics & Founder of the Alight Fund, on investing in refugees to affect positive change; and Phil Jason, a grad student in UVA’s Creative Writing Program and winner of the prestigious Henfield Prize, whose unique personal story empowered him to publish not perish.Read More

Dec 2 – The Rebirth of a White Christian Nation; How Film Imitates Life

Ellen DanielsAOS, Charlottesville, RACE, Talk, WPVC

Larycia Hawkins, is a lecturer in Politics and a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. She was a guest of the show earlier this year – at that time we discussed events surrounding her expulsion from the evangelical school, Wheaton College, because she wore a hijab in support of Muslims, and said that Christians and Muslims worshiped the same God.… Read More

Nov 11 – Charlottesville: Our Streets; Design for Social Equity

Ellen DanielsAOS, Charlottesville, RACE, Talk, WPVC

Jackson Landers, is the co-creator of “Charlottesville: Our Streets,” a film about the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville on Aug 11 & 12. Jackson Landers is here, he is a science writer, who used to spend most of his time writing about things like coral reefs and harlequin frogs for Smithsonian Magazine, but at least since this summer, has trained his pen on and the alt right riots, rallies and hearings… and he’s made a film, “Charlottesville: Our Streets.” Co-creators, Brian Wimer, Natalie Anna Jacobsen.… Read More