“Black Panther”– Positive Pixels for Black Youth – 2.17.18

Ellen DanielsAOS, Art, Charlottesville, RACE, Talk, WPVC

We discussed the blockbuster “Black Panther” with Valerie Adams-Bass, Ph.D., whose research examines the media influences on Black children and adolescents.


Valerie Adams-Bass is Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education, and a faculty affiliate with Youth-Nex, The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development.… Read More

1968 People’s March; Richard Guy Wilson on Architecture & Design — 2.10.18

Ellen DanielsAOS, Art, Charlottesville, RACE, Talk, WPVC

Our guests were Laura Jones activist photographer and Richard Guy Wilson, the Commonwealth Professor of Architectural History at the University of Virginia and a Guggenheim Fellow. Our conversation covered Edith Wharton’s home, the most important Jeffersonian structure, Wilson’s top things to see in a life, and much more.Read More

JUNE 17 – Creativity and Community AND Shedding Light on the New Lives of Refugees

Ellen DanielsAOS, Art, Charlottesville, RACE, Talk, Virginia, WPVC

Matthew Slaats, Creative Director of BeCville, participatory democracy / empowering residents to design meaningful, vibrant spaces in their communities; and Harriet Kuhr, Executive Director of the International Rescue Committee Charlottesville & Richmond, on helping refugees rebuild their lives and thrive in their communities.… Read More