AOS: Biography by Design + Welcoming Greater Charlottesville 9.14.19

Ellen DanielsAOS, Charlottesville, Talk, Virginia, WPVC

Russ Linden and Kate Buford 

aos buford2


We welcomed back Kate Buford, award-winning author of Burt Lancaster's life story, a New York Times best-seller.… Read More

Heartbreak, Beauty, and Changing the Narrative — 6.15.19

Ellen DanielsAOS, Charlottesville, RACE, Talk, Virginia, WPVC

Daniel Fairley, II and Jane Alison   

Jane Alison is Professor of English and Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Virginia.… Read More

Cinema and Verité: Elliott and Montes-Bradley—5.11.19

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Eduardo Montes-Bradley and Susan Elliott  

We welcomed Susan Elliott Charlottesville’s Climate Protection Program Manager for the Division of Environmental Sustainability. She focuses on community initiatives working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.… Read More

Becoming Lauren Mims and Award-winning Biographer, Kate Buford—5.4.19

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Kate Buford and Lauren Mims 

We welcome back Educational Psychologist Dr. Lauren Mims to discuss Black Girl Magic and her plans to turn Michelle Obama's book Becoming into a curriculum to empower Black girls, and much more.… Read More

A Climate Change of Action: Global Interventions—4.27.19

Ellen DanielsAOS

Sierra Gladfelter  

Guest: Sierra Gladfelter works to mitigate the debilitating impacts of climate change on water resources in vulnerable communities across the developing world and here in the US.… Read More

Community Activism with Don Gathers and Delicious Mentorship àla Chef Brinson—4.20.2019


Antwon Brinson and Don Gathers

Guests: The extraordinary Don Gathers, prominent Charlottesville community activist and Antwon Brinson, the impassioned chef and president of Culinary Concepts AB on his culinary boot camp.… Read More

Stunning Inventions + Seeing in Poetry—3.23.19


Alex Zorychta and Leona Sevick

We met with brilliance in Alexander Zorychta, technology entrepreneur and award-winning poet Leona Sevick.

Alexander Zorychta is Assistant Director for Technology Entrepreneurship and Program Director for Works in Progress at the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science.… Read More

Black Twitter, Memphis’ Iconic Photographer & the FBI —3.16.19


Preston Lauterbach and Meredith Clark  

Meredith Clark
, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia. Her scholarship focuses on the intersections of race, media, and power.… Read More