Black Twitter; You Need to Hear This: On Race— 3.31.18

Ellen DanielsAOS

Meredith Clark, Ph.D. on Black Digital Culture including Black Twitter. Lisa Woolfork Ph.D. on race now in Charlottesville and the nation.


Meredith Clark is a journalist and assistant professor in the University of Virginia’s Department of Media studies. She writes and teaches at the intersections of race, media, and power. She focuses on Black Digital Culture, including Black Twitter. Her award-winning dissertation entitled, “To Tweet Our Own Cause: To Tweet Our Own Cause: A Mixed Methods Study of the Online Phenomenon Black Twitter” brought her wide recognition-and she was named one of the most influential African Americans in the country in 2015, by the news outlet, “Root 100.” We’ll talk with Meredith Clark today about race and media marginalization.

We spoke with Lisa Woolfork, associate professor at UVA’s English Department, and a College Faculty Fellow. She is a member of Black Lives Matter Charlottesville and has been active in discussions about race in this community, speaking out against white supremacy. We discussed local controversies and national race history, Charlottesville’s recent mural controversy, the DeAndre Harris case, also the important difference between not being a racist and being anti-racist. And more.

l to r: Meredith Clark, Lisa Woolfork



Meredith Clark, Ph.D.
Twitter: @MeredithDClark

Lisa Woolfork, Ph.D.
Solidarity Cville
Twitter: @SolidCville

Black Lives Matter Charlottesville
Facebook: @CvilleBLM
Twitter: @CvilleBLM

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