“Black Panther”– Positive Pixels for Black Youth – 2.17.18

Ellen DanielsAOS

We discussed the blockbuster “Black Panther” with Valerie Adams-Bass, Ph.D., whose research examines the media influences on Black children and adolescents.


Valerie Adams-Bass is Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education, and a faculty affiliate with Youth-Nex, The Center to Promote Effective Youth Development.

Her research examines media influence on Black youth, how racial socialization and racial identity influence the way these youth see themselves. She is particularly interested in how negative media stereotypes affect Black adolescent’s interpersonal interactions and self-esteem.

We spoke with Adams-Bass about the significance, particularly for Black youth, of the movie “Black Panther.”


Valerie Adams-Bass
Black Panther
Youth-Nex, The UVA Center to Promote Effective Youth Development

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