APROPOS OF SOMETHING with Ellen Daniels and Nancy Laurence


Here’s a little summary of our show.
Apropos Of Something interviews experts on social justice, political activism, and the arts with co-hosts Ellen Daniels in Charlottesville and Nancy Laurence in New York City. Saturdays from 10-11am, on WPVC 94.7. Podcasts available on this site.



9/11 Commission Executive Director and Essential not Extreme Activism
Philip Zelikow is the most accomplished person at the highest levels, we’ve ever met. Listen in as we talk about the legality of the paramilitary in Charlottesville on 8/12/17.  Was there precedent for preventing the violence in Charlottesville? We also explore the 9/11 commission report, voter reform, and Rework America. We also spoke with David Vaughn Straughn is a Cville Solidarity Member and Community Organizer in Charlottesville. A closeup of local activism, what is required and what is essential in order to move forward.

Art as Political Commentary; The Professor who was Ousted for Showing Solidarity with Muslims
Art & Justice with a side of “Funny & Engaging Conversation” w/ Warren Craghead III and Larycia Hawkins.
Larycia is a professor who was pushed out from a prestigious Christian college for showing solidarity with Muslims. Warren is a prolific local artist who articulates why he  created these satisfying, grotesque illustrations of  TRUMPTRUMP vol. 1. His Trump drawings were featured in The Atlantic (April 2018).

Warren at Minute 5:31 Larycia at Minute 33:52

HipHop and Walking While Black
We chat with rappers Cullen Wade and Remy St. Clair. Also, writer Garnette Cadogan details the promise and perils of urban life, including just walking its streets.
Hip Hop Minute 5:53 Garnette Minute 21:43

Black And White Space
Louis Nelson Ph.D., Professor of Architectural History, on uncovering our slave past through architecture, including at UVA; Seth Wispelwey, talking one week before white supremecist came to Charlottesville, Directing Minister at Restoration Village Arts, on the importance of supporting socially-minded artists in their efforts for justice and peace.

Empowering Black Girls in the Old White House; FashionAbuses
Lauren Mims, former assistant director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans; Corban Addison, international best-selling author, world traveler, and human rights activist.
Lauren Mims 5:58 Corban Addison 21:00


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