Black Twitter, Memphis’ Iconic Photographer & the FBI —3.16.19


Preston Lauterbach and Meredith Clark  

Meredith Clark
, Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Virginia. Her scholarship focuses on the intersections of race, media, and power. She is currently writing a book on Black Twitter.
Award-winning author Preston Lauterbach. his new book is Bluff City: The Secret Life of Photographer Ernest Withers. It tells the story of civil rights in Memphis in the 1960s. through the biography of Ernest Withers who captured some of the most iconic images of that time— from the trial of Emmet Till and the sanitation worker strike, to showing the history of race in Elvis’s musical background—all while working as an FBI informant.

Meredith Clark - Blog  UVA faculty page @meredithdclark 
Preston Lauterbach

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