Sucking Up + Understanding the Case of Trudy Muñoz— 8.4.18


Deirdre Enright, Deborah & Mark Parker

We spoke with Mark Parker, co-author of Sucking Up: A Brief Consideration of Sycophancy and welcomed back Deirdre Enright, Director of the Innocence Project at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Mark Parker is an author and professor of English and James Madison University. Deborah Parker pictured (not on air) is a professor of Italian at the University of Virginia. The Parkers co-authored Sucking Up: A Brief Consideration of Sycophancy and Inferno Revealed: From Dante to Dan Brown.

Deirdre Enright was here to talk about one of the Innocence Project's clients, Trudy Muñoz, who was wrongfully convicted in a “Shaken Baby Syndrome” case in 2009. According to Enright, not only did she not shake the baby but her CPR helped save the baby’s life. After serving her 10 year sentence, Muñoz now faces immediate deportation upon her release on August 13, which will cause another separation from her husband and children.


Contact information for Ralph Northam to voice concern about treatment of Trudy Muñoz.
Call: 804.786.2211

Mark Parker
Deborah Parker
Deirdre Enright
The Innocence Project

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