Dec 2 – The Rebirth of a White Christian Nation; How Film Imitates Life

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Larycia Hawkins, is a lecturer in Politics and a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. She was a guest of the show earlier this year – at that time we discussed events surrounding her expulsion from the evangelical school, Wheaton College, because she wore a hijab in support of Muslims, and said that Christians and Muslims worshiped the same God.

The events catapulted her into the national spotlight – The reverend Jesse Jackson compared her with Rosa Parks and The New York Times wrote a lengthy piece about those events in October of last year. She had been the first African American woman to get tenure at Wheaton.

On this visit a year and a month after the 2016 election to reflect on Race, Trump and Charlottesville and to talk about her UVA course: “Trump, Tea Party Women, and the Re-Birth of a White Christian Nation”


Doug Bari is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and producer. He has been invited into the Virginia Film Festival 6 times since 2004. His film Faux Paws  (about gay werewolves) recently won 5 best-feature awards in festivals from San Francisco to Amsterdam. His film Scenes with Ivan, which he made with his wife Judy, debuted at this year’s Virginia Film Festival (2017). The background of one film in particular, will be of special interest to Charlottesville audiences. We talked about these films and a unique encounter with filmmaker Albert Maysles.

l to r: Larycia Hawkins, Doug Bari


Larycia Hawkins, Ph.D.
Hawkins’ April 2016 appearance on “Apropos of Something”
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